Partners & Affiliates

Ticks in Virginia partners with organizations, schools, governmental institutions, businesses, and healthcare providers to develop and disseminate evidence-based information and resources.  

Past and Current Partners include:

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Lynchburg Parks & Recreation 

In 2021,  Dr. Hall was a professor in the University of Lynchburg Master of Public Health Program in the College of Health Sciences and partnered with Lynchburg Parks & Recreation  to design tick warning and education signs that were posted on trailheads and park kiosks.  In May 2023, Dr. Hall, continued the partnership by providing an employee training for both Lynchburg Parks & Recreation and Public Works employees. Thanks to funding and support from Sawyer, each participant received a tick safety kit with needle nose tweezers, Sawyer Permethrin for clothes/shoes/gear, and Sawyer Picaridin for skin.

Support from the Sawyer, Insect Shield and Tick Tock Naturals have been instrumental in kicking off our educational outreach events. Their support with funding and product donations have enabled us to expand our outreach programs and prevent tick-borne diseases in Central and Southwestern Virginia.
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Coming Soon!! 

We are working on the logistics, but when available, you can purchase tick repellent and treated clothing from our Affiliates and we receive 10% of your purchase.  All proceeds go towards our education and outreach activities to promote tick safety and prevent tick-borne diseases in Virginia!  

If you are interested in partnering with Ticks in Virginia, contact